ARMONIA Evolution


The ARMONIA is the second model in the Apertura range that arrives in another option and really performing variant: The ARMONIA Evolution.

The idea stays unaltered : utilizing a similar premise however with the execution of a greater lace tweeter and a pristine get over, we are presently ready to offer an amplifier which outperform the exhibitions of our success, ARMONIA.

Armonia Evolution has likewise another bureau configuration, making this new speaker much more rich. What's more with respect to any remaining models, extraordinary consideration is given to the littlest subtleties.

ARMONIA Evolution

18 cm mid/woofer "isotactic framework" – a woven polypropylene composite cone. This material joins solidness, softness and great damping properties.

Long voice curl for a high straight journey

New age of strip tweeter, utilizing a level metalized polymer stomach.

Its emissive region is double that of the Armonia tweeter. A twofold surface will decrease the developments of the lace, and hence the bending.

The outcome is an expansion dynamic limit and a higher goal

ARMONIA Evolution

Exclusive « DRIM » structure with a triple weakening inclines and stage command over the whole data transfer capacity.

A shiny new hybrid for the Armonia Evolution with two autonomous circuits sheets for low-pass and High-pass areas.

Choice of exceptionally top of the line capacitors.

Each set of drive units (tweeter and mid/woofer) are exclusively estimated and hybrid qualities changed by these sets estimations.

Hand wiring on a 140 µm copper printed circuit board.

Upgraded hybrid design to stay away from attractive obstruction between parts

Bornier en cuivre pur, plaqué argent.

Fenced in area

This new model uses the Apertura unmistakable bureau shape: two bended sides of various length and no equal front and back boards.

Laminar design dependent on various flimsy layers pressure shaped.

Such interaction makes breaking modes and cutoff engendering of vibrations.

Interior multi-hole system to solidify the construction and make quite certain regions where damping materials can be applied.

Significance is given to damping treatment to drop any standing waves. We are utilizing 3 unique kinds of unloading materials.

Mechanical establishing: a focal cone situated on the hub of the focal point of gravity further developed vibrations move to the floor.

New aluminum stands and spikes accessible. Decision of 2 anodized colors: dark or silver

ARMONIA Evolution


Silk : cherry

Shiny : Piano dark, White, Rosewood, Figured maple

On request : High gleam and metal serious shine


Recurrence range : 37-30 000Hz/+-3dB

Affectability : 87dB/2.83v/1m

Impedance : 8ω

Load : bass-reflex

Drive units : 18 cm mid-woofer « Isotactic network », Ribbon tweeter 8×120 mm

Hybrid recurrence : 2,8 kHz

Terminals : single wire restricting posts (spades or Bananas)

Aspects : 205 x 291 x 1030 mm (W x D x H), with stands : 292 x 291 x 1069 mm

Weight : 22,2kg net – 22kg (pressed)

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