Alsyvox Tintoretto

Alsyvox Tintoretto

Alsyvox Tintoretto

AUD $126,000.00

3-way Dipole Speaker (2 Panels)

The straightforwardness and imaging of the best planar speakers.

The elements and low mutilation of the best enormous horns.

The apparent equilibrium of the best screens

The productivity you want to utilize practically any speaker.

The definitive bass of a major cone woofer.

All of this in a cognizant sound like a solitary wide-range transducer


The wonderful Tintoretto is the littlest speaker in the Alsyvox range. The innovation, componentry, put-togetherness are indistinguishable from the bigger models anyway the more modest size is intended to be more appropriate for more modest rooms, in a perfect world rooms from 15m² (150sqft) to 50m² (500sqft).

Each board is 0.58m (23″) wide and 1.44m (57″) in stature, with a sum of 0.6sqm (6.5sqft) of woofer surface altogether across the two channels. Its affectability of 93dB makes it conceivable to utilize basically any intensifier.

This speaker is exciting individuals all over the planet as it has a capacity to recreate music with incomparable straightforwardness, elements and apparent precision. There is a refinement about the sound and how it appears to exude the craftsman or execution before you. Making a wave front across the huge surface space of the board and being a dipole, the Alsyvox Tintoretto can truly move a ton of air in the listening space, making a sensation of 'charging the room' and making the experience very instinctive. Astounding!

Alsyvox Tintoretto

Product Specification

Model Alsyvox Tintoretto

Type 3-way Dipole Ribbon Loudspeaker

Number of panels 2 (1 for every channel)

Hybrid Type Internal Passive (outer accessible as an update)

Speaker height 1,440mm

Puzzle width 580mm

Puzzle thickness 54mm

Woofer, MD, TW and STW height 1.09m

Number of Woofers 1

Woofers width 280mm

Woofers surface 3,052cm²

Woofers max stroke 18mm

Woofers air volume 5,494cm³

Midrange width N/A

Mid Tweeter width 25mm

Mid Tweeter width 25mm

Super Tweeter width 5mm

Reference sensitivity 93dB

Hybrid Frequencies 750Hz – 5000Hz

Recurrence Response 25Hz – 40,000Hz

Ostensible Impedance 4 Ohms

Weight 85kg

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