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Aesthetix IO Eclipse

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Aesthetix is pleased to present the Metis linestage including our imaginative new Aesthetix Coupling Modules, an "Undetectable" Separate Power Supply, and a dazzling new case plan.


The Metis linestage uses exceptionally exclusive Aesthetix Coupling Modules (ACMs) instead of customary coupling capacitors. "I have been longing for this plan for quite some time," says Aesthetix organizer and specialist Jim White. It is notable that capacitor quality is straightforwardly associated with sound quality, and Aesthetix has a background marked by putting intensely in pushing the limits of capacitors. Yet, Jim pondered, "Could far and away superior sound quality be acknowledged whether capacitors were killed totally?" The response is indeed, as indicated by Metis, which involves an ACM in each channel between the addition and result stages and no interstage or result coupling capacitors. ACMs produce consistent result impedance across all sound frequencies, while a standard capacitor's result impedance ascends as frequencies drop regularly yielding tubby bass and other sonic corruption. Interestingly, the ACMs in Metis bring about a sound stage with fantastic added profundity, aspect and goal.

"Imperceptible" SEPARATE POWER SUPPLY (ISPS)The Metis frame is planned around a suspended internal center that, when set on a level surface, truly decouples from the primary body. The power supply is housed in this internal center making an "imperceptible" separate power supply body. When sitting on a rack, there is no actual association between the power supply gathering and the primary body, save for the interfacing wires. This inventive plan implies Metis partakes in the sonic advantages of a different power supply without the inconveniences of an extra suspension including additional expense, space and hotness.
Dazzling DESIGN ALSO MEANS OPEN ARCHITECTUREThe Metis UI was created in light of both polish and adaptability. The sparkling board of LEDs looks heavenly, however the rationale board controlling it offers admittance to an essentially boundless cluster of elements and capacities, similar to home performance center detour and outright stage choice. The Metis additionally includes Remote Control, 12 volt trigger and RS 232 connection point.
AESTHETIX AT HEARTWith its extreme advancements, Metis likewise exemplifies Aesthetix' essential plan standards. The linestage utilizes 4 cylinders, 2 for each direct for all enhancement in a genuine double mono setup, is completely adjusted, utilizes zero criticism and has our discrete exchanged resister volume control. Everything data sources can be utilized single finished or adjusted, and single finished data sources are inside adjusted. The Metis skeleton has additional enormous footpads lodging monstrous HRS Nimbus Couplers for consonant hosing.

Aesthetix Io Eclipse Phono Stage
Io Eclipse is an all-tube phono stage reasonable for the most requesting cartridges including low-yield moving loops. A restrictive differential hardware configuration accomplishes high increase with incredibly low commotion. A different power supply body eliminates any chance of transformer clamor ruining fragile sound hardware. Peter Moncrief Stealth Capacitors are utilized in the Eclipse Edition for unrivaled sound quality. A discretionary creative precisely exchanged discrete resistor volume control yields exact goal at all listening levels.
• High addition/low clamor equipped for dealing with low result moving loops.• Zero input.• 80dB most extreme increase, inside selectable down to 56dB• Adaptable client selectable stacking on the back board from 47Kohms down to 10ohms.• All cylinder enhancement and result (16 cylinders all out).• Separate vacuum tube controlled power supply using 8 cylinders.• Two arrangements of XLR and two arrangements of RCA yields per channel.• Information can be either RCA or XLR.• Discretionary: Innovative and one of a kind precisely exchanged discrete resistor volume control with 46 positions utilizing Roederstein resistors, one for each channel.
Io is accessible in three adaptations: Mk II, Signature and Eclipse. The Mk II rendition utilizes high-grade Rel-Cap polypropylene coupling capacitors. The Signature form utilizes fascinating and costly coupling capacitors and other basic parts to carry the presentation to a more elevated level. Obscure is a definitive acknowledgment of the genuine abilities of the Io, joining obliged layer damped machined aluminum boards and Peter Moncrief's Stealth Capacitors. All renditions of Io can be plant moved up to Signature or Eclipse.
Jupiter Series Io and Callisto are accessible in (and processing plant upgradable to) an Eclipse Edition. The Eclipse change takes as of now industry standard setting items to an unheard of degree of execution. Io, Callisto and their individual power supply get upgraded interior parts, further developed skeleton development, and staggering adaptable casework.
StealthCap Capacitors
Melodic signals going through a capacitor are obscured or blurred as sign reflections skipping off the capacitor plate degenerate the first melodic sign. StealthCap capacitors made by Peter Moncrief expect to fix this issue by drastically decreasing reflections along the capacitor plate. The "Covertness Technology" is made conceivable by a mix of difficult accuracy handicraft and expensive intriguing materials including new conduits, dielectrics, and composite saps. The subsequent sign has a calmer foundation, rich and definite spatial imaging, time centered melodic rationality, and a more extensive more effective powerful reach. The Io Eclipse utilizes eight .22uF/600v Stealth coupling capacitors made of fascinating copper foil. These are utilized between the second and third addition stages, and the third increase stage and result stage. The Io and Callisto Eclipse yield arranges likewise utilize eight 4uF/400v Stealth capacitors in a remarkable adjusted design.
Case Construction
Overshadow Edition frame include an amazingly unbending and acoustically damped plan, conveying new degrees of explanation and clearness. Three separate side and top boards are machined from aluminum billet. Each board is compel layer damped with cutting edge 3M glues, requiring a work concentrated use of hotness and tension for appropriate mating. Progressed interlock material and machine screws are utilized to append the boards for simple cylinder access. Symphonious Resolution Systems Nimbus Couplers, exceptionally made for Aesthetix, are utilized to personally couple the undercarriage with the hardware rack, extraordinarily diminishing mechanical commotion.
Casework Design and Customization
Obscure versions highlight a staggering multi-piece front board which incorporates point by point machining of the front board packaging, trim and logo. Jupiter Eclipse clients might customize the presence of their unit by choosing metal completions for the faceplate, rings, handles, dials and logo.
Sutherland 20/20 Mk2AUD $3,440.00
Phono Pre-speaker
Classifications: Amplifiers, Amplifiers - Phono Stages, Sutherland Engineering
The Sutherland Engineering 20/20 was made with a dream to accomplish an incredibly low commotion floor and exact goal. It is gotten from the best components of the past models, the PH3D and the Hubble. It has a rich tasteful of execution, worth, craftsmanship and moderation. That legacy, nonetheless, doesn't keep the 20/20 plan from assuming its own novel personality.
Everybody needs the upsides of AC power line separation presented by battery activity. The 20/20 is for the individual who needs those benefits yet doesn't have any desire to play with batteries. The 20/20 comes as close as conceivable to offering an equality of battery segregation from AC line power. It is AC fueled and very tranquil!
The 20/20 is a one box arrangement with in a real sense two indistinguishable mono RIAA phono preamplifiers inside. Each channel is on its own circuit board, has its own protected compartment, power pointer, its own AC power supply and its own power rope. It is a definitive in channel division.
The subsequent sonic presentation is heavenly, with an exceptionally normal, smooth eloquent sound.
Two-Mono ConstructionIn the mission for a definitive in sound system detachment, the 20/20 goes past double mono, presenting rather what Ron Sutherland likes to call "two-mono." Many audiophiles lean toward involving mono-block intensification for the advantages of disposing of crosstalk and other clamor impurities related with shared power supplies. They additionally favor the advantage of every amp having its own supply of force, expanding dynamic capacities, and providing the amp with a feeling of simplicity. This is exacerbated in a phono-preamplifier climate where commotion is the most exceedingly awful of foes. The 20/20 might resemble a traditional sound system phono stage yet assuming you remove the cover you will find two indistinguishable mono phono circuit sheets, sharing just similar front and back boards. Power supplies, power lines , and all hardware are independent. Indeed, even the power marker lights are free.
Power SuppliesThe 20/20 uses two controlled tabletop power supplies (one for each channel) to taps mounted toward the front of the double mono circuit sheets. These are SMPS units and the links are "figure 8" with DC plug terminations like utilized on compact PCs. Just DC is available on these links so the RF isn't close to any gadgets. You plug these in on every frame under then introduce the skeleton in the rack. The wires are then prepped out the back to the divider or to your preferred plug extension. To comprehend the reason why Sutherland have planned the power supply framework thusly, we should take a gander at AC to DC power supply components needed for no-compromise very good quality execution:
Amend the AC to DCChannel that DCUtilize that crude DC to control a directing DC to DC exchanging inverter (this stage likewise gives galvanic disconnection between the AC

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