Acoustic Energy AE300 (2018)

Acoustic Energy AE300 (2018)

  • As you presumably know, their ancestors AE 100/109 (2017) didn't leave aloof either writers or novices, as proven by various rave audits and surveys. Acoustic Energy have set such a high bar for themselves, which is undeniably challenging to outperform. What is certainly not a quality for a genuine pioneer? Ostensibly, the floor-standing adaptations of the speakers are practically indistinguishable, they are generally a similar slick floor-standing speakers in an unmistakable plan, then again, actually the AE 309 has marginally expanded in stature: 90 cm versus 80 (AE 109) and weight: 22 kg (one speaker) versus 17.5, separately. Simultaneously, the maker guarantees that the quality outcome (for our situation, above all else, we are discussing the sound of speakers) was brought to a new, considerably more significant level. In this way, the main thing that Acoustic Energy causes to notice is that the AE 309/300 utilizations another age of mid/bass speakers. Recognizable shape and material, yet this is presently not simply paper, as in AE 100/109, yet a squeezed ceramic and aluminum sandwich driver. Truth be told, this is a notable Acoustic Energy restrictive driver, yet advanced. It needn't bother with our proposals, its most recent form was introduced in the delegated AE 1 Active, which, it merits reviewing, have a place with the Reference line. All things considered, the AE 300 got speakers from the reference series, that is incredible! The composite organization of the cone and the most recent age attractive situation will add unbending nature and gnawing to the sound and increment the power result of all speakers in the 300 series, and the froth versus elastic suspension in the 100/109s should add detail and subtleties to the sound. The distance across of the speakers has become perceptibly bigger (130 mm rather than 100 mm) - a valid justification to accept that the volume of the sound field has observably extended, despite the fact that with 100/109 there was no deficiency in the stage scale. This likewise shows that both the front board and the volume of the actual speakers have expanded. The following improvement or essential distinction is the new aluminum tweeter, extraordinarily intended for the 300 series. As you recollect, the AE 100 utilized texture. Because of the utilization of a homogeneous material in the mid/bass drivers and tweeter, it was feasible to accomplish ideal apparent consonance all through the whole reach. The marked WDT (Wide Dispersion Technology) waveguide, in which the HF head is introduced, permits high frequencies to occupy the space volumetrically and equally, reproducing a practically holographic projection of the sound stage. In the AE 300 series, the producer was liberated from severe monetary cutoff points and the craving to get into the most fair portion of the Hi-Fi market. Therefore, Acoustic Energy was capable not exclusively to utilize more costly speakers, yet in addition to work on the nature of the completion. The speakers will be accessible in three completions: White/Black Gloss Lacquer and Walnut Wood Veneer. An extraordinary notice is the huge load of the speakers: a couple of floorstanding speakers AE 309 - 44 kg! That for floor standing 85 cm high isn't enough in any way. A strong mass is because of a few elements. Both the 109s and the 309s have a weighting compartment: it is filled at the creation stage and in the 300 rendition, a heavier material is utilized (already it is sand, not normal for metal shavings during the 109s). Which, obviously, gives the sections robustness, and when you introduce them on the spikes that are remembered for the pack, the audience will get an even more clear - musical sound. Likewise, remember that the volume of the sections has turned into somewhat bigger. The low-idleness case is generally made of MDF, the divider thickness is 18 mm, in addition to exceptional spacers and allotments are introduced inside to assimilate and reflect superfluous resonances. The plan of the case in general is near the reference series Reference. Accordingly, you will not hear resonances and box sound. The plan of the case overall is near the reference series Reference. Along these lines, you will not hear resonances and box sound. The plan of the case in general is near the reference series Reference. In this manner, you will not hear resonances and box sound. The plan of the acoustic frameworks of the 309th: 2.5th groups. What's more two groups for the AE300. The opened stage inverter port is put on the posterior. It is perfectly planned and doesn't create pointless hints even at outrageous volume levels. In view of the abovementioned, we can presume that the AE 300 line will without a doubt outperform the accomplishment of the AE 100. The AE 300 is better inside and out. The sound will turn out to be much more point by point and more clear. Precision, power, elements - here you can depend on a perceptible increment. The goal will increment, particularly in the HF range. As usual, you can anticipate consistent striping and great workmanship.

  • Acoustic Energy AE300 (2018)

  • Specification
  • Type: 2-way shelf speaker Drivers : 1x130mm expelled aluminum midrange driver and 28mm aluminum vault tweeter Power: 100W Impedance: 6 ohms Responsiveness: 86dB Recurrence reaction: 45 - 33,000Hz Finish: Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White and Walnut genuine wood facade Aspects: 300 x 175 x 260 mm Weight: 6.5 kg (one segment)

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