Abyss Diana TC

Abyss Diana TC

 Abyss Diana TC


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The Diana earphones were sent off in 2018 and were quickly perceived as the world's most slender store earphone. The Diana changed long standing impression of earphone material science by effectively contrasting with and much of the time dominating probably the best execution earphones of the time. Elite sound in a smaller compact bundle. Void then, at that point, delivered the Diana Phi, a better presentation form that consolidates the Phi planar drivers from their lead AB-1266 Phi CC. In late 2021, Abyss supplanted the Diana Phi with another refreshed premium earphone, the Diana TC.

The Diana TC earphone has top notch elements, goal, and refinement to accomplish sound quality up until recently never heard in such a reduced bundle. Likewise with any ABYSS, The Diana TC is very equipped for playing any sort of music to a super degree of pleasure, restricted simply by the gadgets and recording. The goosebump instigating 'you are there' sound is incredible. 'Greater on the Inside' best depicts the Diana TC's enormous sound, bass profundity, speed and wide soundstage with faultless apparent equilibrium. Voices are delivered so genuine you feel they are with you in that general area at the time.

The uncommon sound of the Abyss Diana TC is generally because of the quality and thoughtfulness regarding the best of subtleties in the plan and assembling process. The entire earphone is fabricated inside the Abyss office in Buffalo, New York, USA. The way that each and every part is made in house gives the Abyss designing group full command over each boundary of the plan and development process. The airplane grade aluminum outline parts are machined and gotten done, the protected planar speaker drivers are created from the greatest materials and the total earphone is collected with US made pure equipment.

In correlation with the active Diana Phi, the Diana TC has joined updates to the planar driver framework which take it considerably nearer to the lead no-openings banned AB-1266 Phi TC Reference earphone. They additionally include new refreshed lambskin ear cushions and calfskin headbands.

The Abyss Diana TC has the accompanying highlights:

The most slender store earphone on the planet etched from airplane grade aluminum for amazing strength.
European cowhide headband with delicate Alcantara®
Super advanced fired polymer finish.
Most recent 2021 age Diana ear cushions made in-house by ABYSS with delicate froths and a 'pad top' adjust to the state of your head after some time for long haul solace with insignificant bracing power.
Enormous 63mm licensed Phi planar drivers with super low mass stomach for amazingly quick bass effect and inconspicuous life-like miniature subtleties.
Fibonacci side opening example appropriately tunes the sound while following the progression of nature.
Feeling headband attractively changes and shapes your head for an agreeable fit.
Decision of Titanium Gray or Dark Bronze tones.
Sonically, the Abyss Diana TC earphone is an outstanding listening experience. The level planar driver configuration is quick, articulate yet normal and adjusted. It makes a mass of sound that mixes the ears with subtleties seldom heard in your music. First line show seats on request while in a hurry or unwinding at home. The Diana TC has rapidly acquired a standing as one of the absolute best, most musically agreeable earphones accessible at any cost.


Link by JPS Labs, length 1.5m (5 feet), with a decision of 3.5 mm, 2.5 mm adjusted, 4 pin XLR or 4.4 mm adjusted fitting. Pick your link when you request your earphones. Assuming you would like extra links, they might be bought independently.

A quality double zipper material convey case with cowhide accents and extra pockets for simple travel.

Diana Phi References

Kindly note that as of December 2021, the past model Diana Phi is presently not accessible and has been supplanted with the refreshed new Diana TC. Be that as it may, since the Diana TC is so new, we have kept up with our video and audit data on the active Diana Phi as the new TC model is basically an updated Phi. These assets will become refreshed at the appointed time as recordings and surveys of the new Diana TC become accessible.

Item Specification

Model Abyss Diana Phi

Description World's most slender shop planar earphone, joining huge 63mm protected planar speaker drivers

Colours Titanium Gray or Dark Bronze. Custom tones additionally accessible.

Sensitivity 91 dB/mw

Recurrence Response 6 Hz – 26 kHz

Impedance 32 ohms

Weight 350 grams

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