Aavik S-180


Aavik S-180

Aavik S-180

AUD $9,700.00

High Performance Streamer

From the early idea phase of sound designing, the Aavik scope of decorations have been planned with the end goal of rethinking and unmistakably up-reviewing the sound nature of streaming organization based music, permitting you to find the audiophile aspect of the world's top real time features. Aavik decorations clear a path for a powerful musicality and a characteristic sound stage that includes an uncommon clearness and accuracy.
The S-180 is the principal model in the reach and offers extraordinary worth. The sound segment of the decoration is timed utilizing two separate high accuracy low jitter clocks: one for 44k1 based source material, and the other for 48k. These timekeepers supply both the inner DAC and the S/P-DIF yield. The S/P-DIF result and clock circuit are galvanically disconnected from the remainder of the circuit. Six separate low-clamor controlled power supplies feed the various segments of the decoration.
By downloading the Aavik Streaming App, you can partake in the excitement of being the expert of the unending music streaming universe. Pick your cherished music with the Aavik decoration and entertain yourself with the enjoyment of an exceptional streaming-based sound presentation. The Aavik application can be utilized on cell phones, iPads, scratch pad and so on and is exceptionally simple to explore, permitting you to take advantage of your playlists and different real time features like Tidal – MQA – vTuner – Qobuz.
The S-180 is takes a large portion of the innovation of the cutting edge S-580 server and offers it at a more open cost. This is certainly not an efficiently manufactured piece of gadgets made some place in a minimal expense work country. This is a customized piece of wonderful top of the line sound hardware, carefully assembled in Denmark by a little group of individuals who are setting new guidelines in quality music generation. The S-180 is a brilliant illustration of how far the decoration advances have advanced as of late. Charming!
One of a kind TechnologyPREMIUM TECHNOLOGIES FOR UNCONSTRAINED SIGNAL FLOWAavik work together with their sister organization, Ansuz-Acoustics™ and draw on their experience and broad R&D in the fields of reverberation control and commotion dropping advances. Aavik have fitted all of their decoration models with Tesla loops, vacillate hardware and against aeronautical reverberation curls. These imaginative advances are equipped towards preparing for a totally unconstrained sign stream. Aavik has additionally pre-arranged the top and base surfaces on every one of the servers to oblige the Ansuz Darkz™, which address the best method of forestalling mechanical vibrations.
Resounding MODE POWER SUPPLY – QUIET BUT EXTREMELY POWERFULThe new Aavik series is intended to guarantee gigantic power assets with super low clamor. Dissimilar to the square waves utilized by regular switch mode power supplies, the new Aavik series gloat a thunderous mode plan which is mainly determined by sine waves. At the point when more power is required, the working recurrence expands, which, thusly, enjoys the benefit that the power thickness likewise builds, accordingly permitting higher pinnacle power when needed by the music.The commotion floor in the crude power supply is very low however could be significantly additionally brought down by the super low clamor controllers providing the various pieces of the circuit. The clamor of these controllers is estimated in a couple of microvolts separately nanovolts, which is essentially lower than the commotion level of traditional controllers.
SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN EstheticThe Aavik plan language is Scandinavian misrepresentation of the truth and communicates effortlessness and moderation highlighting a couple of buttons for legitimate activity. The multifunctional principle handle permits straightforward route and control of the different capacities. A distinctive plan element of the new Aavik series is an enormous red presentation, which makes it simple to peruse all subtleties of the chose functional settings.
A CABINET WITH EXCELLENT SONIC QUALITIESAavik have planned the nook to limit the utilization of aluminum and its related mechanical reverberation. Throughout the long term, Aavik have been trying different materials and eventually planned an inventive regular based composite material, which decreases the mechanical impact, especially the hysteresis. The sonic outcome is unmistakably discernible and mirrors a further noticeable foundation as Aavik continued looking for a definitive music experience.
Aavik S-180

The Aavik Streamer Range

Aavik have delivered 3 degrees of execution inside the acclaimed S-180, S-280 and S-580. The S-180 addresses incredible worth with a very good quality exhibition ability past its value level. The S-280 adds fundamentally more reverberation control techologies bringing about an even lower clamor floor, goal and precision. The S-580 presents the one of a kind copper internal frame, Titanium level reverberation control, and the most extreme Ansuz Acoustics reverberation alleviation innovation, taking execution to an assertion level.

Item Specification

Type Network Streamer
Streaming DLNA 1.5
UPnP AV 1.0
Output 1 pair of RCA line yields
1 x BNC S/P-DIF (32-192k examples, 24-bit)
1 x TOSLINK optical (32-192k examples, 24-bit)
Aavik Noise Reduction Active Tesla Coils: 36
Dynamic Square Tesla Coils: 72
Vacillate hardware: 3
Power consumption Standby <0.5W
On <20W
Dimensions 102 x 384 x 380mm
Weight 5.2kg

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