Aavik I-280

Aavik I-280

Aavik I-280

AUD $15,900.00

Reference Integrated Amplifier

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Aavik I-280

The Aavik I-280 coordinated speaker gets the contributions from your singular Hi-Fi gadgets and changes these signs into a genuine melodic encounter. Subsequently, the engineering of the new Aavik incorporated intensifier flaunts complex top of the line electronic parts set in a cutting edge nook. In view of adequate power supplies, the Aavik speaker gives uncommon unique speed, tight control and adjusted security, which makes influential and completely clear soundstage pictures that express even the best sonic subtleties. The Aavik I-280 coordinated speaker addresses incredible worth with strong designing standards and exceptional sonic abilities. By consolidating the innovations depicted beneath, this remarkable enhancer is super-peaceful and posesses an uncommon ability for extricating subtlety you never knew existed in your accounts.

Aavik uses the licensed UMAC™ intensifier innovation. This innovation was created to keep away from the plan imperfections of conventional exchanging enhancers. UMAC innovation essentially targets two spaces of regulated enhancer plan. The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) age is delivered with sine wave regulation rather than the more normal triangle balance. The advantage is that sine waves make undeniably less high recurrence commotion than triangles, no sharp corners, and subsequently need undeniably less inductive separating at the result. The lower inductance in the result gives the enhancers a vastly improved damping component and in this way a particularly better control of the speakers. What's more, the high level double blended mode criticism permits damping factors that are normal for simply the absolute best direct intensifiers.

Aavik I-280


The Aavik line stage flaunts a one of a kind, modified, virtual GND (Ground) speaker geography, which gives the most elevated solidness. The criticism gets so strong that it permits to sodden the sign to an addition lower than 1. This jelly the full sign with the most minimal Signal to Noise Ratio – regardless assuming that you crank the volume up or down. This will give your amplifiers a reasonable and particular data stream to make even the best subtleties of timbral and textural subtleties perceptible on a very tranquil sound stage.

Aavik I-280

Aavik Volume Control


Aavik vigorously draw on the experience and broad R&D of their sister organization, Ansuz-Acoustics™. They utilized their momentous, compelling clamor dropping innovations and fitted all models of their new scope of hardware with Tesla loops, vacillate hardware and against aeronautical reverberation curls. These creative advances are equipped towards making ready for a totally unconstrained sign stream. Aavik has likewise pre-arranged the top and base surfaces on all Aavik series to best oblige Ansuz Darkz™, which address the best method of forestalling mechanical vibrations.


The new Aavik series is intended to guarantee huge power assets with super low commotion. Not at all like the square waves utilized by customary switch mode power supplies, the new Aavik series brag a full mode plan which is essentially determined by sine waves. At the point when more power is required, the working recurrence builds, which, thusly, enjoys the benefit that the power thickness additionally expands, consequently permitting higher pinnacle power when needed by the music.

The clamor floor in the crude power supply is very low however could be considerably additionally brought down by the super low commotion controllers providing the various pieces of the circuit. The commotion of these controllers is estimated in a couple of microvolts separately nanovolts, which is essentially lower than the clamor level of ordinary controllers.


The Aavik plan language is Scandinavian misleading statement and communicates straightforwardness and moderation including a couple of buttons for coherent activity. The multifunctional fundamental handle permits straightforward route and control of the different capacities. A distinctive plan component of the new Aavik series is an enormous red showcase, which makes it simple to peruse all subtleties of the chose functional settings.


Aavik have planned the walled in area to limit the utilization of aluminum and its related mechanical reverberation. Throughout the long term, Aavik have been trying different materials and eventually planned an imaginative normal based composite material, which decreases the mechanical impact, especially the hysteresis. The sonic outcome is particularly perceptible and mirrors a further noticeable foundation as Aavik continued looking for a definitive music experience.

The Aavik Integrated Amplifier Range

Aavik have created 3 degrees of execution inside the acclaimed I-180, I-280 and I-580. The I-180 addresses extraordinary worth with a very good quality presentation ability past its value level. The I-280 adds fundamentally more reverberation control techologies bringing about an even lower commotion floor, goal and exactness. The I-580 presents the remarkable copper internal undercarriage, Titanium level reverberation control, and the greatest Ansuz Acoustics reverberation alleviation innovation, taking execution to an assertion level.

Item Specification

Type Integrated Amplifier

Line Gain (line 1-4: 5-15dB; greatest info 4.5V RMS

Acquire (line 5: 1-11dB; greatest info 6.5V RMS

Input impedance 10K Ohm

Pre-amp Output 1 pair of RCA yield

Max yield: 7.5Vrms

Contortion, line stage: <0.005% (THD at 1kHz, 1V info)

Yield impedance: 50 Ohms

Volume Control 76 1dB advances

Output 2 x 300W 8 Ohm, 2 x 600W 4 Ohm

Bending (THD+N): <0.006% (1-100W, 1kHz, 8 Ohm

IMD: <0.002% (1-100W, 4 Ohm)

TIM: <0.008% (1-100W, 4 Ohm)

Aavik Noise Reduction Active Tesla Coils: 72

Dynamic Square Tesla Coils: 168

Vacillate hardware: 8

Hostile to Arial Resonance Coils: 4

Power consumption Standby: <0.5W

Inactive: <50W

Dimensions 102 x 384 x 400mm

Weight 9.0kg

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