Wall speakers Ceratec Effeqt Micro W (V7)

 Description of wall acoustics Ceratec Effeqt Micro W (V7)

Ceratec Effeqt Micro W (V7) miniature loudspeakers are made in aluminum enclosures, the sleek shape will blend well with modern interiors. The speakers are designed for wall hanging, but can be installed on any suitable shelf or rack. The front panel of the speaker is covered with a protective fabric, the color of which matches the finish of the speaker itself - black, silver, white and black lacquered. Individual colors to order are also possible. A special sound absorber provides effective damping of parasitic vibrations of the grid and panel, thereby maintaining a neutral sound character at any volume.

The Ceratec Effeqt Micro W (V7) is equipped with a single 90 mm wide-range Peerless speaker, which is installed using a vibration-damping pad - thus, parasitic vibrations of the cabinet walls and the radiator basket are practically suppressed. The speaker cone is made of impregnated paper for a soft yet musical sound.

The speakers operate in the frequency range from 100 to 25000 Hz, therefore they need the support of a subwoofer. As the latter, you can choose any modern device, although for a complete stylistic unity of the AV system, you should pay attention to the subwoofers produced by Ceratec. Effeqt Micro W (V7) can be used in 2.1 kits and in any (or all) channels of a surround system.

The presence of only one broadband radiator in these systems allows obtaining a uniform radiation pattern, as well as smooth, balanced sound at mid frequencies. In addition, the absence of a crossover filter simplifies the load characteristic of the speaker, and even taking into account the low sensitivity Effeqt Micro W (V7) is well combined with amplifiers that develop low output power. At the same time, the input power for this model should not exceed 50 W, which must also be taken into account when using it. The absence of a bass reflex allows the speakers to be placed in the corners of the listening room.

Features of wall acoustics Ceratec Effeqt Micro W (V7)

Wall placement

Aluminum body

Peerless full range speakers

Possibility of selection of individual colors

Characteristics of wall acoustics Ceratec Effeqt Micro W (V7)

Number of stripes one

Number of speakers one

Type of shell closed

Speaker 90mm, Peerless TC90

Frequency range 100 Hz - 25,000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

Sensitivity 82 dBA

Resistance 8 ohm

Frame aluminum

Input connectors 2 gold-plated terminals

Recommended amplifier power 20 - 50 W

Maximum input power 50 watts

Protective mesh removable

Additionally wall mount

Dimensions (WxHxD) 130 x 160 x 110 mm

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