Wall-mounted speaker systems are actively used for installation in home conditions, offices, entertainment centers, and public catering facilities. The speakers are installed at the optimal height, depending on the room regulations, to ensure good distribution of the sound wave. To suppress echoes and create surround sound, it is recommended to pre-trim the walls with special noise-absorbing panels.

How to choose wall acoustics

To figure out how to choose wall acoustics for your home, you should refer to the technical parameters of the device:

  • dimensions and total weight of the model for installation and combination of equipment with the interior;
  • power and frequency range are necessary for the correct calculation of the acoustics installation point in a home theater system;
  • the direction of the sound radiation is determined to form uniform acoustic effects;
  • the design of the body and color play a role in the design decoration of the room, to give the room an elegant look.

The functional capacity of the equipment must correspond to the area of ​​the room. There is a direct relationship in which the larger the area, the more powerful the speaker system should be. If you need a simple background sound, low power devices are suitable, which are placed on the walls at different points in the room, based on the features of the layout and interior.

Design features and technical equipment

Monopolar speakers in classic loudspeakers provide sound guidance within a narrow angle. Bipolar products are characterized by a wide angle of sound propagation up to 180 0 . Similar equipment is actively used in the creation of modern home theaters to create the maximum immersion and surround sound effect.

Flat design speakers are used to accompany TVs or projectors. The features of the case minimize the protruding effect, allowing the technique to elegantly fit into the interior. Spherical products give high-quality sound and are suitable for interior design. Acoustic systems also demonstrate high-quality sound wave propagation. Models with a trapezoidal or triangle-shaped structure are also presented. Depending on the features of the case, the speakers are divided into two categories: closed and bass reflex.

  • Enclosed speakers provide classic soundtrack to musical compositions, natural and harmonious reproduction of tones.
  • Bass reflex models are distinguished by more pronounced bass, dynamics of sound effects in comparison with analogs of other types.

The sound quality and tone reproduction differ depending on the models of different manufacturers, the technical features of the speaker systems. In each case, when installing the equipment, it is recommended to pre- calibrate the audio system . This allows you to reveal the full potential of the device, to set the optimal parameters for different types of premises.

What is the design of wall acoustics

To determine how to choose wall acoustics that will suit your interior, you should pay attention to the design of the models. Speakers and subwoofers can be presented in a classic black plastic case, wooden construction, veneer, metal, film. A number of products are coated with a special varnish for an attractive look.

How to choose wall acoustics

Some pieces of equipment are made using rare wood species and with exclusive designer finishes. Models of different brands and manufacturers differ in characteristics and functionality. Devices are provided where synchronization with playback equipment is provided using wireless technologies.

The Hi-Fi Design salon offers exclusive options for wall-mounted acoustics from the world's leading manufacturers of specialized equipment. The salon specialists will help you choose a device suitable for its characteristics, suggest the best option for installation in different types of premises.

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