KEF Uni-Core subwoofer technology

 KEF Uni Core subwoofer Technology

The Uni-Core technology, for which KEF has already filed a patent, should "take subwoofers to a whole new level." The main idea of ​​the Uni-Core is to create the highest quality and most powerful bass using a minimum of space.

According to the developers, the new technology will make it possible to make very compact subwoofers and small speakers capable of rich and “unprecedented quality” sound.

The Kef Uni Core system is based on two emitters with a single motor, where one coil is located on top of the other, forming a concentric structure. Thus, two emitters, in fact, use one common space for work. Uni-Core technology allowed the drivers to provide a large range, and this, accordingly, affected the efficiency of the system.

“Getting deep and loud bass from a compact system is a complex engineering challenge. Uni-Core technology is a breakthrough for KEF as we can now fit two drivers in one small package without compromising on sound quality,” said Jack Oclee-Brown, Head of Research at KEF.

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